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Decking Options

E&D offers four different decking systems making it easy to fit your specific needs and budget requirements. 


Full Plank Decking

Our most basic deck system.  The decking planks are attached to the understructure to fill the footboard area. Aluminum riser boards are installed at each row under the seat to meet the 4” ball rule.  Extruded aluminum closure angles are installed at each aisle creating a closed deck area at the aisles.

Channel Interlock Decking System

A durable rigid fully closed decking system that allows the seat brackets and aisle rails to be mounted on the deck and riser without any through bolting or penetration of the aluminum extrusions.  No gaps between rows keep debris from going under the bleacher for easy clean up.


Gutter Interlock Decking System

This decking system has the same benefits as our Channel Interlock System with the added feature of an internal gutter system.  The internal gutter combined with a secondary gutter, that is mounted between the horizontal stringers, allows for fluids to be directed to a predetermined drainage area.

Welded Decking System

This factory robotically welded decking system offers outstanding rigidity and performance.  The custom heel and nose extrusions, combined with our interlocked coved riser, create a superior crafted and virtually maintenance free walking surface.

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