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Shop Capabilities

E&D's manufacturing facility is over 50,000 square feet with five fabrication bays and a storage building of over 12,000 square feet. The fabrication bays have multiple over head cranes up to 10-ton capacity for easy handling of any size project. Our skilled fabricators and certified welders can handle the most complex project in a high quality and timely manner.

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Fabricating Equipment:

  • 3 Press Brakes (working capacity of up to 400 tons)

  • Sheet Shear, 1/2” thick x 12’-0” wide, 70 ton

  • 2 Iron Workers, 3/8” plate or angle

  • 6 Whitney Punches (working capacity of 3/4” thick steel)

  • 20 Welding Stations

  • 3 Cell Robotic welder with rotary turn table

  • 2 Horizontal Miter Band Saw (working capacity of up 43.3” x 19.6” and

    angle cuts up to 75 degrees)

  • Automated 3 torch Robot welding system

  • Pipe and Tubing Bender

  • Surface Grinder

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